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Why NoMoreClipboard Now?
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Why Now?
Why NoMoreClipboard?


Today, not every patient
you encounter is using an online
personal health record —
at least not yet.

But that’s changing. The message from the media to consumers is clear: better, more affordable healthcare requires patients to become their own advocates, informed and active participants in their own care. And consumers are heeding the call.

For providers and professionals, this growing demand for communication and collaboration comes with the added incentive of meaningful use. Technologies enabling secure transmission of medical data — both to patients and from them — are aligning behind programs such as Blue Button and DIRECT. However, the interoperability required to exchange information system-to-system is still woefully inadequate, in the vast majority of cases.

Created by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and Medicare, the Blue Button campaign seeks to enable patients to safely and securely access, view and download their medical records electronically. Hundreds of healthcare providers have now signed the Blue Button Pledge to make personal health data available to patients.

NoMoreClipboard Personal Health Records are among only a handful of online tools that allow patients to securely receive, manage, store and share health data from any doctor, at any hospital, using any electronic medical record system.

NoMoreClipboard portals, including those operated by an HIE, enable providers to qualify for MU2, without using the tethered (and often functionally limited) portals cobbled on by their EHR vendor.

NoMoreClipboard gives patients and providers the tools and technology they both need to meaningfully connect, communicate and collaborate.


If you haven’t heard it yet, you will — patients complaining about the absolute nightmare of establishing and maintaining multiple portal accounts, one for every provider they see or health system they use.

Untethered, portable NoMoreClipboard PHRs let patients use the same username, password and personal online health record to compile, update and share medical information from any provider, anywhere. Flexible, adaptable and always evolving to meet urgent and emerging needs, a NoMoreClipboard PHR is a health management tool that lasts a lifetime. It’s Better. Managed.