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Personal Health Records.

Organize, manage and share
Medical Information —
simply and securely.


A NoMoreClipboard personal health record (PHR) is the better way
to manage your medical information: all in one place, online.
No matter what systems your doctors use, you can create, update, organize, store and access your NoMoreClipboard records any time, using any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Instead of sitting in the waiting room, struggling to recall medications and past illnesses, you can create your NoMoreClipboard records online from the comfort of your home — where the information you need is likely close at hand.

Once you’ve created your PHR, it acts as your medical memory — storing your health history where it’s easy to update, access and share. NoMoreClipboard makes it easy to provide a more legible, accurate and complete picture of your health — contributing to improved communications and coordination of care, and reducing the change of medical errors, duplicate tests and unnecessary costs.

Use Your NoMoreClipBoard PHR To:

  • Send medical information to your doctors before an appointment and avoid filling out a clipboard full of forms
  • Provide childrens’ immunizations/allergies to schools, sports organizations and camps
  • Share medical information with the family members you choose

NoMoreClipboard PHRs Are Ideal For:

  • compiling and updating medical histories
  • coordinating care for aging parents/family members
  • managing chronic conditions
  • taking a more active role in your family’s health and wellness

Your medical records belong to you, and a NoMoreClipboard PHR makes it easier than ever for your doctor to share summaries of your visits, and important information like lab tests and medications. In your hands, your data and your health are both better managed, by you!