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Ask around and you’ll probably discover that not everyone you know is using an online Personal Health Record, at least not yet. But that’s changing. The federal government is emphasizing the benefits of sharing data with patients through a program called Meaningful Use. This program is both helping and requiring doctors who use electronic medical records to provide you with electronic access to your medical information. The Veteran’s Administration and Medicare were among the first to offer patients secure access to medical data with Blue Button — a simple, secure mechanism for downloading medical information.

Today, others in the healthcare field including insurers and providers are joining the effort. Soon, every patient who wants it will have access to electronic medical information.

Why NoMoreClipboard?

A NoMoreClipboard Personal Health Record is among only a handful of online tools that allows you to securely receive, manage, store and share your own health data from any doctor, at any hospital, using any electronic medical record system.


As a NoMoreClipboard user, you’ll be provided with a cc:Me secure messaging address — a special email-like account that lets your healthcare providers send data directly to your PHR…and lets you share data securely with whomever you wish. You can manage all your records from the same account — using the same secure login and password — with every healthcare provider you see.

Privacy Policy

Glossary of Terms

Personal Health Record (PHR)

The secure, online health record created and controlled by patients. NoMoreClipboard PHRs allow patients to exchange electronic information with their healthcare providers, regardless of which electronic records systems their doctors use.


NoMoreClipboard’s secure, Direct-compliant medical record messaging service, linked to the patient’s PHR.

Patient Portals

The internet interface between a physician practice, hospital, clinic or lab and its patients. Many NoMoreClipboard members access their PHRs through a physician-sponsored portal. Portals can also be used to request appointments or prescription refills, complete pre-registration for appointments or conduct other routine business.

Meaningful Use

A government program that encourages healthcare providers to adopt health information technology and exchange medical information electronically with their patients.

V/D/T or View/Download/Transmit

As part of Meaningful Use, physicians will be required to exchange information electronically with a percentage of their patients, including the ability to view, download and transmit records.


Direct is healthcare’s national data exchange standard. Like the secure messaging you trust from your bank, Direct protects the information you exchange with your healthcare providers, and that they exchange with each other. Your cc:Me address complies with Direct standards, so you know your medical information is safe!

Blue Button

The campaign started by the Veteran’s Administration and Medicare to allow patients the ability to access, view and download their medical records electronically.