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Limited Browser Support

January 5, 2017

Partners of NoMoreClipboard:

Please be informed, beginning April 12th, NMC will no longer support certain web browsers presenting security concerns such as an end of manufacturer support, or more importantly, weak TLS cipher strength.  On April 12th, clients using web browsers lacking secure Web communication protocol (TLS 1.2) will no longer gain access to NMC.

After April 12th, those clients hosting unsupported browsers, or browsers expected to end manufacturer support, will continue to see an UNSUPPORTED BROWSER warning while retaining access to NMC.  However, NMC will not subject unsupported browsers to standard testing procedures, after April 12th.  Therefore, these browsers may potentially experience compatibility issues, inconsistencies in functionality, or increased technical issues, until updated.

Below, you will find two bulleted lists. This first list shows browsers expected to lose access to NMC, due to outdated security protocols.

  • IE8 or earlier
  • IE9 and IE10* (running any OS prior to Windows 7)
  • Windows Phone 7.8 or earlier*
  • Chrome 21 or earlier
  • Chrome for Android 21 or earlier
  • Firefox 22 or earlier*
  • Safari 6 or earlier
  • Mobile Safari 4 or earlier
  • Android 4.3 or earlier*

*Ensure TLS 1.2 is enabled.

This is a list of browsers with terminated manufacturer support expecting to retain NMC access.  However, these browsers will not be supported nor tested by NMC.

  • IE10 or earlier
  • Windows Phone 8.0 or earlier
  • Chrome 52 or earlier
  • Mobile Chrome 52 or earlier
  • Firefox 44 or earlier
  • Safari 9 or earlier
  • Mobile Safari 4 or earlier

Please be aware that NMC has been configured to display a warning to users utilizing unsupported or outdated web browsers.  This warning will display at the login screen, and will allow users into and use of the system, until April 12th.


If an up-to-date web browser version is detected, no warning will appear, and no further action is required.  

Please take action now.  Upgrade your current web browser to avoid any unnecessary risks and potential interruptions.  This, too, will ensure all current NMC upgrades and fixes can be pushed accordingly.  Understand that without an updated web browser, your organization continues to be at an increased risk for malicious cyber attacks.  

NMC is devoted to the promise of an adaptable solution, and with that promise comes a commitment to security -- a commitment of dedicated resources ensuring the authenticity, integrity, and privacy of all of our clients’ data.  Please help us by ensuring your browser is up-to-date.  Failure to maintain updated web browsers places everybody at risk.      

We will provide additional information and any updates, as this information comes available.  Thank you for this consideration, and please do not hesitate to reach out to NMC Technical Assistance with any questions or concerns.

With Confidence,