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NoMoreClipboard PHRs
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Personal Health Records

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Portable, patient-centric
NoMoreClipboard PHRs are:

Patient managed — consumers decide what information goes into their PHRs, what information stays out of their PHRs, and whom their PHRs can be shared

Easy and intuitive — consumers compile, organize, manage, store and share their personal health information with minimal effort and maximum simplicity

Private and secure — information is safely stored and controlled by consumers

Completely portable — consumers can use their NoMoreClipboard accounts over the course of a lifetime, with any healthcare provider or system

Media agnostic — patient health information may be easily integrated with provider workflows and systems, regardless of whether it's electronic or on paper

Fully interoperable — untethered data enables safe and seamless exchange between patients, providers and public health entities using accepted industry standards

NoMore Clipboard has always enabled patients to self-enter health information. Wherever possible, patient-entered clinical data is coded (SNOMED, RxNorm, etc.) and can be incorporated as a standard electronic document and/or document image. Even postal documents and other paper-based content can be scanned and stored in a designated filing cabinet within the PHR.

Patients can also access clinical summaries directly from their NoMoreClipboard PHR. The PHR receives and displays electronic data, which the patient can selectively import into the PHR fields from a properly constructed standard electronic document: CCD, CCDA or CCR. Patients can also scan and upload/fax in-document images, and can generate a clinical summary from the NoMoreClipboard account using the NoMoreClipboard Blue Button module.

NoMoreClipboard is a member of the Blue Button Plus trust community.

View. Download. Transmit.

NoMoreClipboard supports DIRECT protocols, has established its own HISP, and can receive/transmit data in CCDA and other electronic formats.

Secure Messaging

All NoMoreClipboard accounts include cc:Me — a DIRECT-compliant secure messaging tool that enables patients to create and maintain a DIRECT address. NoMoreClipboard users can use their cc:Me address for secure communication with DIRECT-enabled providers.

Patient Education

NoMoreClipboard partners with health education resources including Healthwise and Krames. Content can be pushed from a provider to NoMoreClipboard, and NoMoreClipboard can also integrate with resources so that patients can click on PHR data (e.g. a condition or medication) and be presented with the appropriate educational content.

In addition to managing family health information, PHRs are a valuable tool in chronic and complex disease management. Click here to learn how cardiac patients using PHRs are reducing A1c levels.

What will your patient get with a PHR? Visit our patient section to learn more.

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