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Indiana University offers NoMoreClipboard PHR to employees

Fort Wayne, Ind. — September 27, 2012 — Indiana University and NoMoreClipboard, one of the leading electronic patient engagement solution providers, announced a joint agreement that gives employees and dependents enrolled in one of the IU-sponsored medical plans access to a voluntary Personal Health Record (PHR). The University rolled out the offering on September 12, 2012, and on that day NoMoreClipboard had a record number of account registrations. 

The NoMoreClipboard PHR is an online, portable tool controlled by employees and their dependents, enabling them to compile, manage and share health information. Users will be able to:

  • Securely access medical information via the web at any time, from any location, from any device
  • Document medical history, medications, immunizations, medical provider lists, family medical history and insurance plan information
  • Send medical history and other “paperwork” to a physician office ahead of scheduled visits
  • Accept electronic and paper information back from a doctor's office
  • Scan or fax documents such as a living will, power of attorney or copies of old records to store electronically
  • Authorize family members to access PHR information as needed to participate in care

“Indiana University is committed to helping our employees and their families manage their health and medical conditions,” said Daniel Rives, Indiana University Associate Vice President of Human Resources. “Healthcare is increasingly complex and expensive, and IU wants to make sure that employees and family members have the tools they need to keep track of their information and communicate effectively with physicians and others involved in their care.”

The NoMoreClipboard PHR is designed to interface with other healthcare applications, including physician electronic medical records (EHRs), state Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), and hospitals and laboratories. The PHR helps increase the accuracy of medical information, improve patient/provider communication, and reduce medical errors and unnecessary costs.

“We are honored to work with Indiana University on this initiative and are extremely pleased with the initial registration numbers,” said Jeff Donnell, NoMoreClipboard president. “The response reinforces our belief that there is a real need for practical tools that help individuals actively participate in their care. Indiana is leading the country in patient engagement, and Indiana University is demonstrating its commitment to healthcare innovation.”


About NoMoreClipboard
NoMoreClipboard, a wholly owned subsidiary of Medical Informatics Engineering (MIE), is a web-based, personal health record management system designed to consolidate medical information in one convenient and secure location for easy retrieval and updates. NMC enables consumers to share personal or family member medical information with medical professionals electronically; reducing the need for repetitive medical paperwork. For more information, visit

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