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Please read this page to see our Cobrand design specifications: Co-brand Design Specifications

Co-brand Site Ad Module

728x90 Example
120x600 Example
160x600 Example

Ad Size/Location Specifications supports two placements of ads within a co-brand, based on [IAB] guidelines:

  • 728x90 Leaderboard ad across the top of the page
  • 120x600 or 160x600 Skyscraper ad along the right side of the page (replacing the Google Ads unit that appears in free NMC accounts).

Custom Ad Ability

  • The custom ad "decision tree" is a definition for ONE single ad location on the page.
  • The co-branding website will need to supply with the ad content (JPG or GIF images), and URL’s for the ads to point to.
  • Customized ads can be triggered based on a number of individual or compound factors.
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Existence of a certain condition (based on being in a SNOMED element tree) - (Pregnancy/Currently Pregnant is considered a condition)
    • Existence of a SPECIFIC medication someone says they are taking
    • Listing of family history of a certain condition (again, based on the SNOMED tree)
    • Specific Zip Code's

This is NOT a "rotation" of ads ... it is a "linear" check to see which ad gets shown.

I.e., if the order of "importance" is:

  • Does the patient have diabetes? - Show Diabetes unit ad
  • Is patient Female? - Show female unit ad
  • Is patient over 70? - Show geriatric ad
  • All others - Show generic co-brand ad

In the example above, a diabetic 75 year old woman will ALWAYS see the diabetic ad. It would never get to the other options as a possibility. We can "combine" certain choices. For example, "Is the patient a female between the ages of 40-60?" or "Is the patient a male with diabetes?" Basically, it is an "IF THEN" tree, with whatever is being asked earliest getting the highest precedence.